For a Workplace to be healthy and productive management and employees need both people skills as well as technical skills. That's WHY we specialize in providing Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Learning and Development.

Just like a machine, a company has various components that need to work in harmony. Having a well-oiled machine guards against friction between its parts that could lead to costly repairs, or even a seized motor. 

 CommonSenseHR believes that an organization also needs to be a well-oiled machine with all of its people working well together if it is to be at peak efficiency and productivity.

Oil is essential for ensuring the smooth running of a machine, and our services are designed to minimize friction in the workplace by attracting,  retaining, and developing the right people for the right job.




  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching
  • Corporate Learning & Development
  • Company Intranet Design





CommonSenseHR helps organizations develop high performing teams by bringing together talented individuals who share responsibility, mutual trust and values, as well as a strong leadership, and clear focus on a common goal.

We promote respect for, and understanding of the unique skills and contributions made by each and every employee and department, and we do this by encouraging an appreciation for diversity,as well as equitable, versatile and inclusive workplace practices.